Sunday, February 13, 2011

I've Changed

I've changed.

No, I didn't get a haircut or lose any weight (dangit).  I haven't discovered eternal peace, a single cause for global warming, or a plan to end famine.

Nope, none of those.

I changed my avatar.

Although I am a sucker for vintage Cartier, the avatar I found while making my last post just seems more fitting.  I actually do feel this way sometimes, mostly after a phone call from my mother or sitting in traffic.

So, bye-bye Cartier, hello, tearing-my-hair-out goin' caraaaaazy!


  1. that waldo...he sure isn't trying that hard....


  2. Just love it, because we all have those days.

  3. Hey- how did you get a picture of me?

    That was from our last family portrait session. Thief!!


  4. hehe, is he the character?

  5. I can sympathize....there are days when I feel just like that....

  6. Love your new avatar. Although if you could get that person pulling the hair out wearing some Cartier, I'd say Go for it!

  7. I thought I was looking in the mirror when I first saw it :)

  8. I love it! I've been looking for a frazzled mom flipping someone the bird. If you come across something like that, give a holler.

  9. I'll keep an eye out, Mrs. Hyde. You just never know what gems search engines will throw your way on any given day.

    Supergreensunbear, I went to, and there he was! That wasn't where I originally got the avatar, but now I know where it originated from. Since I'm not using it for commercial gain, defamation or anything illegal, I assume it's okay to use.


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