Friday, January 13, 2012

One of Those WTH Moments

So there I was, driving home from work. Being December, it was dark.  I took a route home that I have taken hundreds of times over the years.  Part way up a wooded hillside I saw some lights.  Since it was during the winter holidays, I just figured they were holiday lights.  Just as I was driving by, I realized that there was something different about those lights.  I made a mental note to drive by a little slower the next time.  Well, traffic being what it often is (crappy), I took that route home again a day or so later.  I drove by slowly and realized that it was a carousel!  Like this:

Next to it was another children’s amusement park ride.  It was circular, kind of like this, but without the umbrella:

There were also signs like “Keep Out”, “No Parking” and “Private Property”.  And then I realized:    someone has a carousel and kiddie ride in their yard!  In a wet, cold climate!  What the****??  So, what does any normal, self-respecting person do?  Go home and look it up on Google maps, of course!  Here it is:

I’m not even going to guess what these cost in electricity and maintenance alone….  Now, I’m all for giving kids fun toys every now and then, but a carousel?  What will the parents do when the kids become teenagers?  Make a mini shopping mall?  How are they going to top private amusement park rides?  Wow.  Just....  Wow.

P.S.  Welcome, BragonDorn!