Friday, January 13, 2012

One of Those WTH Moments

So there I was, driving home from work. Being December, it was dark.  I took a route home that I have taken hundreds of times over the years.  Part way up a wooded hillside I saw some lights.  Since it was during the winter holidays, I just figured they were holiday lights.  Just as I was driving by, I realized that there was something different about those lights.  I made a mental note to drive by a little slower the next time.  Well, traffic being what it often is (crappy), I took that route home again a day or so later.  I drove by slowly and realized that it was a carousel!  Like this:

Next to it was another children’s amusement park ride.  It was circular, kind of like this, but without the umbrella:

There were also signs like “Keep Out”, “No Parking” and “Private Property”.  And then I realized:    someone has a carousel and kiddie ride in their yard!  In a wet, cold climate!  What the****??  So, what does any normal, self-respecting person do?  Go home and look it up on Google maps, of course!  Here it is:

I’m not even going to guess what these cost in electricity and maintenance alone….  Now, I’m all for giving kids fun toys every now and then, but a carousel?  What will the parents do when the kids become teenagers?  Make a mini shopping mall?  How are they going to top private amusement park rides?  Wow.  Just....  Wow.

P.S.  Welcome, BragonDorn!


  1. people are messed up!

    the kids will prolly become self entitled idiots and run for public office as a career...

    and i thought buying your kids more than one type of video game system was overindulgent...

    society is completely f-d up...

  2. Think it's the beginning of a Michael Jackson-type Neverland?

  3. Spying on people through the internet LOL - Google Earth rocks. I wonder how much it costs to buy a carousel? maybe they're cheaper than we think? (something else for me to look up on the internet..)

  4. What a shame that the carousel is off limits. There is one in downtown Hampton VA where it cost a quarter for the kids to ride. It was a real treat for the kids.


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