Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Head vs. Heart, Internet Car Shopping Edition


Head:  Hey, there’s one of those Econoboxes you mentioned earlier.

Heart:  They’re not too bad, but they are not as fun as Cute Sportscar.

Head:  They get good gas mileage….

Heart:  So does Cute Sportscar.

Head:  You could carpool….

Heart:  Not with that back seat.

Head:  The Econobox has better safety features….

Heart:  Yes, it does.

Head:  You could carry a lot of stuff in an Econobox.

Heart:  True.  But if I buy something large, that’s what delivery service is for.

Head:  The Econobox is practically new, and doesn’t have many miles on it.

Heart:  You got me on that one.  Most of the Cute Sportscars I’ve seen so far have had 20-90k on them.  I will be putting a lot of miles on, due to my commute.

Head:  An almost-new Econobox will cost about the same as….

Heart:  ….a six-year-old Cute Sportscar.

Head:  The Econobox has a 1.5 liter engine.

Heart:  My current car has a 1.6, and is wimpy.  Cute Sportscars have 1.8 or 2.0 liters.  Wheeee!

Head:  Handling is very important to you.  Which car would handle better?

Heart:  The Cute Sportscar.  Duh.

Head:  The Econobox has front wheel drive.

Heart:  Cute Sportscars have rear wheel drive and are therefore much better balanced.

Head:  A car says a lot about it’s owner.  What would an Econobox convey?

Heart:  Practicality.

Head:  What would a Cute Sportscar convey?

Heart:  Fun!

Head:  Which car would you be prouder to own?

Heart:  A Cute Sportscar.

Head:  Which car would be easier to pick out in a parking lot?

Heart:  The Cute Sportscar.  Although it is small, it is unique-looking compared to the Econobox.  Econoboxes are a dime a dozen, and don’t stand out in a crowd.

Head:  You will be spending a lot of time in your car.  Which one would make you happier?

Heart:  The Cute Sportscar.

Head:  That’s really the bottom line, isn’t it?  It’s important to get something that will make you happy.  Otherwise, why bother?

Heart:  Cute Sportscar FTW!

Life is short.  Sometimes, you have to follow your heart.


  1. Love the internal dialouge. Yay for fun winning. I got practical and fun...best of both worlds! :) Can't wait to see pics of the new (to you) car!!

  2. good post!

    the head and heart both have valid points, but if i have to drive lots for commutes i want a good ride...

    every cute sports car i have had has had a better ride, then my practical ecnono cars

    tucker wants to know if cute sports car has a dog seat!

  3. I'm with your heart on this one: Life's too short, and if you can take the fun route on occasion, why not?

    I almost pulled the trigger on buying a convertible last year. Problem was it had only four seats, which would have meant I'd have to leave one of my kids at home. Not a huge deal, as my car is the family's second car, and my wife drives a delightful little three-row wagon. She even said I could go for the ragtop if I wanted.

    But in the end, my logical side prevailed, and I got a still-kicky little wagon with enough of a fun factor to keep me smiling at the wheel. But I know a small sportscar sans roof is in my future. Maybe sooner than I thought :)

  4. Life is too too short to not have fun and everyone should own a sports car at least once in their life!


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