Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - May

Past, Present, and Future

Part 1 - The Past

Blue and pink Forget-me-nots aka Myosotis.  I like how the rings at the center can be either yellow or white.
Yup, it's variegated Dead Nettle aka Lamium again, this time from underneath.

Blue/pink Forget-me-nots.  I don't know how the pink and blue flowers merged, but I like it!  Was that explained during one of those classes in high school?  The kind your parents didn't want to help you with?

It's Myrtle (Vinca) again, too.  I like how the petals are angled, making the flowers look a bit like electric fans.  I also like the white star shape in the center.

Dark blue Forget-me-nots aka Victoria Dark Blue Myosotis.

Part 2 - The Present

Pinks "Brilliant" aka Dianthus deltoides.  I saw only two flowers, but soon these will be in bloom all over my yard!

Variegated pygmy barberry aka Berberis thunbergii "Rose Glow".  I like how the buds are dark pink on the outside and yellow on the inside.

The Sea Pinks aka Thrift "Splendens" aka Armeria maritima have arrived.  I'll take it as a sign that Spring has arrived, kicking and screaming.

Snow-in-summer aka Cerastium "Silver Carpet" aka Cerastium tomentosum "Silberteppich".  These can spread far and wide, but are easy to pull up. 
Still, beware.

Aubrieta "Cascade Purple" aka Aubrieta x cultorum.

Creeping Baby's Breath aka Repens White GypsophilaThis plant is a pretty good low-growing evergreen groundcover.  This was the only bloom.  
Not for long....

Snowdrop Anemone aka Anemone sylvestris.  These are deceptively fragile-looking.  These ones are underneath a bird feeder, yet come back every year.

Part 3 - The Future

A volunteer fern.  I think it's a Sword Fern.

Another volunteer fern.  I think this might be a Maidenhair Fern, but am really not sure.

Climbing Hydrangea aka Hydrangea anomala petiolaris.  This thing grew like crazy just within the past six months!

A peony from my parent's yard.  That means it's OLD! ;-)

Part 4 - Past, Present, and Future....

....slug food.


  1. nice pics...

    i kill everything green except dandelions...

    for some reason i can keep them alive!

  2. Hey! Lovely photos and nice blog :)

  3. Thanks, V! I was beginning to wonder if Spring would every begin.

    Bruce, dandelions attempt to live in my yard every year. They are sneaky little devils.

  4. I've split my peonies a number of times. :-) Such an old-fashioned kind of flower!

    And FERNS?! For cryin' out loud, the lousy things are coming up in my yard. I love them, though...


  5. poor primroses, those dang slugs get them every time. love the mysterious purple forget me nots.

  6. I love flowers of all kind, even the weeds ... maybe especially the weeds, because they are unloved and misunderstood and everyone else hates them ;) Back when I lived in KY I used to dig up wildflowers and plant them in my flowerbed. The neighbors thought I was nuts.

    I never have been able to get Forget Me Nots to grow for some reason. Peonies are awesome ... except for the ants. And I love ferns.

  7. I have seen your name commenting on a few others' blogs and thought I would stop by and say hi. HI
    I love Forget-me-nots, I had some in Virginia and they were blue or white, never any pinks. I would have liked the pink. Mine were the Chinese Forget-me-nots, Cynoglossum amabile. They reseeded everywhere!
    How lucky to have a volunteer fern.

  8. Hi Janet! The volunteer ferns are all over the place. My neighbor thought I planted them! The funny thing is, none have grown in her yard....

  9. Hi- I am over from Mynx's. I LOVE your pictures of the forget me nots. I can't get my camera to focus on them so I can get a decent picture....gorgeous!!!

  10. I found this page of your blog, because I was googling victorian blue forgetme not to see if they would be dark blue or light blue as usually they are for mysotis. I'll buy a flowering one so I know.


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