Sunday, April 24, 2011

Please Be Seated

This week's photo theme is "Please Be Seated".  Although I couldn't find a good photo, I did run across one that is applicable.  I took this photo (with the permission of the artist) almost ten years ago at an arts & crafts fair.  I thought the little chairs were really cute and had visions of making some.  Off I went, collecting branches of all sorts.  Shortly afterward,  we moved, and the branches came with us.  Did I ever use them?  No!  Oh well, at least we have a yard waste recycle bin....

BTW, if you ever go to an art fair and would like to take photos, please ask the artist first.  As we discovered, many do not want their creations photographed.


  1. Wow!! Those are pretty!! What an amazing work of art! :) :)

  2. Can you imagine a house filled with furniture like this? HEAVEN

  3. My mother has a number of these in her garden. "Fairy chairs", she says.



  4. They don't like it because they are afraid people like you and me will steal their ideas. LOL Mom and Dad just started buying stuff they like, and then Dad goes home and makes them for the rest of the family. I love craft shows!

  5. The photograph rules also applies to the police in Rwanda. Don't do that. They get REALLY ANGRY.

    Cute chairs.


  6. Every time I come home from an art show, I think, "I can do that!" It's kind of like watching a Bruce Lee movie and thinking you can do martial arts afterward.

  7. It fits the theme nevertheless. I have to sign a form to take pictures inside the local art gallery and then I can't use them!

  8. gosh these chairs are beautiful. Would love to have one in my yard. I like your Bruce Lee analogy - people always think they can replicate crafts but looking at these chairs I know I couldn't do that no matter how easy the artist has made it look.


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