Friday, April 15, 2011

April Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

It's time for "Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day" again! Although I am not a garden blogger, I'm going to share plant photos every month anyway. I may get creative during the winter, though. Anyway, first up is a plant I think everyone should have in their yard: the Nishiki Willow aka Dappled Willow.  The catkins are here and the leaves are just starting to come out.

Here is some smelly variegated Lamium.  This picture is much better than last month's.

Myrtle aka Vinca

These blooms are on a tree in my yard.  I have no idea what kind it is.  It was one of the few plants in the yard when we bought the house.  It doesn't produce fruit or turn pretty colors in the fall, but I like it anyway.

This is a pygmy Barberry.  The flowers will be tiny and yellow.  They don't last long, so I figured I should at least get a picture of the buds.  Make sure you wear long sleeves when dealing with barberries - they have thorns!  This makes them perfect for keeping bratty kids out of your flowerbed.

Here's a blue Forget-Me-Not aka myosotis....
....and a pink one and....
....a blue and pink one!

These are what will be a sea of Sea Pinks aka Sea Thrift.  I am obviously too lazy to divide them.

White Primula aka slug food

More slug food, this time in yellow

Finally, forsythia!


  1. LOL slug food. I've had the same problem with primulas in the past. Your mystery tree looks to me like it should produce fruit of some sort. Either a cherry or plum. Funny that you say it doesn't get fruit. Maybe it isn't getting cross polinated in order to produce fruit?

  2. That's alot of color. Must be very fragrant too.

  3. Your white mystery tree blooms look like Flowering pear.

  4. The neighborhood I live in was new when we moved in, and identical trees were planted in the yards. Not one of them has fruit, but they sure look like they should! Maybe there will be fruit when they get older? They are ~20 feet tall so far. Hmmm....

    Trooper, strangely enough, I haven't really noticed any fragrance. Then again, it is still chilly (high 30's (F) at night) and I take the pictures as fast as I can - in between rain storms!

  5. All the more reason to think it's a flowering pear. They're very popular as landscape trees because they have shallow, non-invasive root systems, don't get too large, and don't set fruit which later becomes litter on the ground.

  6. Nice going, they're very pretty, do you garden a lot?

    Excluding the Dandelions - and even after planting bulbs per the specifications on the box, our own garden has 0 flowers in it. I now have flower envy :D especially like your forsythia.

  7. Flowering pear it is! It's good to know they won't produce fruit. I wish they were a little prettier in the Fall, though.

    I actually don't garden all that much - I just like to "putter" (weed, deadhead, etc.). The trick is to have low-maintenance plants.


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