Friday, January 7, 2011

Whyizzit? Friday Edition

Originally, I was going to have "Whyizzit Wednesday", but "whyizzit" can work on a Friday just as well.  This week, I am wondering:

Whyizzit that the people you least want to come to your party are amongst the first and most enthusiastic to respond, and they always show up?

You know what I'm talking about.  You're planning a party and start with the invitation list.  Inviting your friends is easy.  Inviting people you feel obligated to invite is done with trepidation.  You've invited A, so you have to invite B.  If A and B are invited, then C and D should probably be invited, too.  If you don't invite E, then the next time you see them, they will ask you (in front of a group), "Why didn't you invite me to your party this year?"  Then there is that really annoying coworker.  But, since you've invited all your other coworkers (whom you like), then you are stuck inviting Annoying Coworker, too.  There are also Weird Neighbors, whom it's easier to include in the party than deal with noise/parking complaints.  Oh, and don't forget that person you invited last year because you felt obligated to.  Every time they see you afterward, they say, "I had such a great time at your party!  I can't wait for next year!"  Shit.  Then you are stuck inviting them again, too.  

However, just because a person was invited once does not mean they will be invited again.  Did you bring your bitchy sister who spilled red wine on the carpet and ignored it?  Do you treat people like crap but think you're great?  Do you think drunk driving is okay?  You are SO not invited!

Thankfully, we have a really great group of friends.  They make it a lot easier to deal with The Others.  They are nice to The Others, too.  Despite my griping, the annual party is always fun.  I think the trick is to invite lots of people, so dealing with The Others is kept to a minimum.


  1. Nice post. I want to know whyizzit that people always want ME to host the party? I'm sick of being the hostess AND I have school-age kids. Let's have the party, oh, I don't know, at the bachelor's house, maybe. Or at the house of the mom whose kids are all grown. YTH do I have to do all that cooking and cleaning and party bullshit?

    Sorry...didn't mean to rant on your blog. Have fun at the party! Remember: if you get drunk enough, you can deal with anybody.

  2. The party has come and gone. Annoying Coworker and Weird Neighbors did not make it, although I did get stuck in a whiny conversation with one of the people we were obligated to invite (don't worry-I was nice to him).

    Y'all can rant on my blog any time! Mrs. Hyde, the next time those moochers get one of their great ideas (that involve you doing the work), I know you have the balls to "just say no". You know you can do it!

  3. I'm came by to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting and have found myself really enjoying your blog. I've signed up as your latest follower.
    Yep you are spot on with this post. Luckly Hubby hates parties and we don't hold them any more or go so problem solved. Unfortunately we do have eccentric neighbours (you might have read about tham on my blog with their partying antics) Those parties are wild! (All are neighbours are over 70!)
    Great blog. Look forward to reading nmore.
    Warm wishes

  4. Welcome, Carol! I'll be posting whatever comes to mind, which could be darn near anything. Don't be surprised to like one post and think "What the....??" with the next. :-)


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