Sunday, January 23, 2011

The LOL Award!

I must have been behaving myself recently, because Jumble Mash just awarded this to me:

Thanks, JM! What a nice surprise on an otherwise quiet Sunday. :-)

As a condition of accepting this award, some rules must be followed:

1. Link to the person who gave you this award (in a post, or in your sidebar, wherever you have this).

2.  Pass the award along to seven other people who post about at least slightly amusing things and tell them (by emailing them or commenting on a post, etc.).

3.  Say seven things about yourself that no one knows (or at least you think no one knows).

4.  Pass these rules on.

First, in alphabetical order, seven people whose blogs I enjoy:

If you haven't visited any of these blogs (or JM's) yet, I encourage you to do so! There is always something LOL going on.

Now, for seven things you probably don't know about me. This took some thought, on a weekend, no less!

1. I surf a real estate website to see what the interiors of the neighbors' houses look like.

2. I secretly want to be artistic.

3. I am picky about tires.

4. This year, I am planning on traveling to at least two other states and one other country.

5. Our friends' teenagers actually like me.

6. I have three toolboxes.

7. Except for college, I have been owned by cats since I was about five years old.



  1. i love your answers! particularly the one about the real estate! i think my wife does that too..

    Much thanks! i will add it to my post on monday!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  2. Thank you for the award! What two states and country do you plan to visit?

  3. Thank you so much for this award. I've been drooling over it for a while!


  4. I am so thrilled to get this award! congratulations on getting it yourself - well deserved. Thank you so much for passing it on to me and I shall get my answers sorted in the next day or three.
    I loved your last answer and as for surfing the interior of houses that is brilliant - I think I might have found a new occupation or I can just stick to peering through their windows when I know they are out :)
    Huge thanks. You have cheered up a gloomy Monday morning for to tell Hubby who will roll his eyes at me again.

  5. First of all - thank-you so very much. I am honored. I do not do awards however. But I am glad you enjoy my blog as I enjoy your's. *hugs*

  6. I wish I was knowledgeable enough about tires to be picky about them!

  7. Bruce, anyone whose pet guest writes on their blog gets my vote every time.

    Chief, we plan on visiting Canada and are also hoping to get to California, Nebraska and Washington this year.

    CBG, your blog was one of the first I found, and I've been following it since. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your move!

    Welcome, Pearl and Megan! You just never know what will be falling out of my brain and through my fingers next.

    Facing50, I live in a neighborhood of cookie-cutter homes (i.e. many of them are identical). The surfing really came in handy when it was time to work on our unfinished basement.

    middle child, I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with next!

    Megan, I'm picky because I want quality, grip, and a good price. I am not above playing dumb at Discount Tire and then whipping out my printout from Tire Rack and asking if they do price matching. :-)

  8. What a coincidence! I'M planning on visiting two states and a country this year, too. Maybe I'll see you there. I'm not even gonna mention that stalker thing you're doing...

    Congrats on the award!

    a bitch called mom

  9. Mrs. Hyde, if we meet (while stalking a seat wiener, of course), we can just eat cheese and drink wine until they kick us out. Then again, they might be afraid of us by then.

  10. Thanks so much, Soapbox! I'm in some great company there, so I feel very special. You made my day! Always makes me feel good that I can make someone laugh. If you hadn't noticed, my animals own me, too.

  11. I'm headed to California in two weeks...and Nashville two weeks after that...and then I think DC...then, oh hell, I can't remember :-)

  12. Chief, you are going on tour with your award then? That's dedication! :)

  13. Congrats on the Award and thank you so much for passing it on to me, what a fantastic surprise being Awarded it, while being on holiday :). Enjoy the future travels too, because we will certainly look forward to being part of them too.


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