Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - September

Hi everyone!  Although my schedule's not yet ready to allow me back into the blogging world (too many 12 hour work days), I did find time to take some photos for this month's "Garden Blogger's Bloom Day".  Many plants from June are still blooming, so I won't bore you with those (Lamium, anyone?).

Up first is not a bloom, but rather some foliage.  It's from a pygmy barberry.  Barberries are great because they're low-maintenance, they look good, and they keep rug rats out of your yard (i.e. they have thorns).

Next is one of my favorite plants, a smoke bush (or tree).  Like real smoke, they are difficult to photograph, but here goes:

There aren't many blooms left in my wildflower bed, just this
and this:
There are a few of these left (Campanula?)
along with Heuchera
 and some stuff that's new this year (Meadow Rue?).
Then there are some reliable staples, like Nandina,
some tall asters (~six feet tall)
and some short asters (~12 inches tall).
The Echinaceas had a hard time this year,
but the Silver Lace Vine went bonkers
and the Rose Campion bloomed reliably.
 There are some plants whose buds promise future blooms, like Hydrangea,
and Clematis.
Best of all was a late summer surprise:
This is the first year I've had this clematis, and I had no idea it would bloom twice in one season!  I kind of like the "leftovers", too:
Hope you're all doing well!  I still have some traveling left to do, along with busy weekends for another month or so.  I'll have to catch up with you all sometime in October.  Until then, take care!


  1. Great garden photos. I love the seedheads of the clematis crazy stars. Your barberry is pretty wild with the spotted colors.

  2. Beautiful. your garden must be gorgeous!!!


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