Friday, August 5, 2011

Something for Everyone

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that my summer blogging hiatus will be continuing until September-ish.  Being away from home 12 hours a day has really put a damper on my free time.  Anyway, I wanted to stop by for a quick (but important) message.  Recently, I received news that a relative was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy.  She is only 40 years old.  Ladies, please, please stay current with your mammograms and monthly self-exams.  Guys, you are not off the hook.  We all know how much many of you love breasts (c'mon, admit it!), so pay attention to your partner's breasts.  If you notice a change, say something.  If any of you in a same-sex relationship, the same thing goes.  We are all human.  This can happen to any of us, even men.  Cancer does not discriminate.

Enjoy every day.  You don't know what will be around the corner.


  1. My Granny and Aunt were diagnosed with breast cancer a few months apart. My thoughts and prayers are wtih your relative.


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