Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - March 2011

Just today, courtesy of Gwirrel's Garden, I found "Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day".  For "bloom day", you are supposed to post pictures of what is blooming in your garden.  Although I am not a garden blogger, I do love to share pictures. So what is blooming in my garden today?  Not much!  Even more "special" will be these photos.  When I found "bloom day", it was already 7pm.  Well, I guess that's what that flash thingy on the camera is for. 

 First up is a primula.  Apparently the slugs have discovered this, too.

Next is some lamium.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend this groundcover.  Although it quickly spreads and looks nice, it smells funky when you touch it.  It's easy to pull up, though.  Did I mention it spreads quickly?

This will eventually be forsythia.  It's trying, but it's just not ready yet.

Last but not least is some vinca.  This stuff can really go crazy if you let it (I do).  It is great at covering ground that is difficult to get to.  It covers said ground and prevents weeds.  I like that.

Also "blooming" right now is my Nishiki Willow.
Now that I know about "Bloom Day", I will be better prepared next time!


  1. nothing blooming here yet...

    but i will just kill it anyway...

    my thumbs are brown if not black!

  2. Way ahead of us here in NJ, not a bloom in sight. Great shots and look forward to following along here.

  3. Lovely blooms. I ditto the lamium. Dug it all out of a bed last year and now as the snow is melting I see it's right back again. Guess I'll just learn to like it.

  4. Clearly you are not in Minnesota. :-) I won't see anything like this until mid-April...


  5. I think I need to get me some vinca - the weeds love my garden. As for anything blooming - nuh, I've got nothing (or 'nuffink' as they say in my part of the world).

  6. Welcome, ONG! Sometimes you'll find plant photos here, other times just whatever strikes my fancy that day. :-)

    Bruce, everyone in my family has a black thumb except me. I am the black sheep. But, if I am the black sheep, why do I have a green thumb? (bad joke for the day).

  7. Well, you've got more going on in there than I have in my garden. Add to that the fact that the effing mailman keeps stomping his god forsaken feet all in it and what I have leftover is basically rich mud. Just let me catch his ass...one time is all I ask.

  8. Mrs. Hyde, I think you need to plant some barberry!


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