Friday, April 6, 2012

A Lowe Blow

As some of you may know, I have a thing about spelling.  As I'm aging maturing, though, I'm finding that I still notice things that are misspelled, but I can't think of how they should be spelled.  Good thing "spell check" was invented.  Anyway, I've been seeing some humorous misspellings here and there recently.  One of these days, I will remember to take a photo of offending menus.  In the meantime, here are a couple of examples:

Example #1:  My university's alumni office emails quarterly newsletters.  The university has a fairly basic name.  Let's call it "Meeker University".  So the newsletter arrives in my inbox with the title "Meker University Alumni News".  This is a place where you can earn a graduate degree in Education!  I couldn't help but email them about this little issue....  Their immediate reply was a thankful one. :-)

Example #2:  Our town is sooooo big, we have a Lowe's less than 10 miles away.  Although many people complain about the quality level of assistance at their local hardware store, the help we've received at Lowe's has been great for the most part (especially when we has to replumb our sink).  Anyway, given the good experiences we've had there, I was surprised to see this:
It bugged me so much that I actually figured out how to use the camera in my phone, just so I could take this photo.

Sometimes I think I could start my own sign and menu editing business.  And if I was hungry and in a daring mood, I could order "Stripped Bass" from a local Japanese restaurant....


  1. I took a flier from a local business that advertises in our publication. It took me a day to notice the misspelling, but I finally caught it. "We also offer rifles and shoguns"

    They offer Japanese warriors? lol

  2. That is a pretty huge and obvious mistake on the sign. They could at least take a marker and write in the extra letter. Lowe's should not have approved that sign to be printed. Wow!

  3. that is funny...spelling can be much fun as the spell checker makes it...i love some of the suggestions it comes up with on my made up words...

    thank god it was not b4...

    god help our next generation...we already have a struggle here in the USA with spelling before the damn texting machines...

  4. Thank goodness I'm not the only one that has an issue about spelling. I have to review documents at work all the time and the spelling mistakes our staff makes infuriates me at times. Sometimes I wonder if spelling is the issue or grammar. Using 'know' for 'no'? really?!?!? I'm with the other posters, someone had to have previewed that Lowe's sign before it was printed and they still approved it! yikes


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