Thursday, March 15, 2012

Garden Blogger Bud Day - March

Yes, that's right: I renamed it for the month! That's because there isn't much is the way of blooms in my yard. It was tempting to rename it "Signs of Life Month". Anyway, I won't post pictures of all the buds in my yard, just some that I like for various reasons. Here we go!

Here's what I consider to be one of the earliest and cheeriest signs of Spring (aside from daffodils): forsythia. Around here, forsythia grows vigorously in yards, natural borders and woodlands.

Here is the base of a giant gypsophilia (Crambe cordifolia). These purple buds will eventually grow into green leaves about two feet in diameter. From the center, a stalk about five feet tall laden with little blooms will arise.

Here is a peony taken from my parent's yard. I may need to see if they need any help removing more.  This will eventually have magenta blooms. I like the color and texture of the buds.

This bud probably excites me the most, because it's from my sole tree peony. It's the most expensive plant in my garden, and I'm always afraid I will lose it to a hard winter. Maybe it will finally bloom this year....

The climbing hydrangea is beginning to bud, too. I just thought the bud was a pretty shape. I love this plant. It climbs up the side of a storage area and hides our junk from the neighbors. The blooms are pretty, too.

Here is an unusual view you may not recognize. It is a sword fern. Although I do not normally cut them all the way down, I had to this year due to storm damage. The fronds look like they are all curled up in a nest.

Of note is that, as far as I can tell, I did not lose any plants to winter conditions this year! That has got to be a first. Plus, for the first time, all four clematis I planted last year made it through the winter as well. I can't tell you how many clematis plants I've lost....

Happy early Spring, everyone!


  1. My posting has a lot of buds too. Spring is here baby!! Love it. Your little fern 'nest' is really cute. Will have to Google gypsophilia, not familiar with it.

  2. Why not post pictures of buds? Happy spring to you, too.


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