Sunday, June 17, 2012

Free Entertainment

Apologies, again, for not posting much as of late.  My days are full with work and medical appointments, and minor surgery is in my future.  I’m stressing out on the current batch of thousands of dollars in medical bills, and am not yet sure how many thousands more will be coming in the next batch.  The good news is that I am finally feeling better!  Chronic pain sucks….  Sure wish it would stop raining so I could work in the yard.  The plants sure are happy, though.

Anyway, I have seen some humorous things lately and thought I would share them.  One thing I enjoy doing is people-watching.  There is always something amusing going on….

The other night, we were at a bar watching a live band.  Besides being entertained by the band, we were also entertained by the crowd.  It was quickly apparent which men wanted to be on the dance floor, and which men were there because their partner would never speak to them again if they didn’t attempt to dance (or at least pretend to).  At the back of the dance floor (not far from our table) were two women dancing with each other.  Girl A and Girl B were having a very good time, dancing in their tight and unflattering dresses.  They started out dancing face-to-face, but then Girl A turned around and bent over, all while gyrating.  I astutely recognized this “rump rub” as her version of being “sexy”.  Girl A then whipped back her long hair and nailed Girl B directly in the face!  Girl B did not flinch.  I laughed so hard that I cried….

Another night, we were at an Irish-themed pub, watching (of course) an Irish musician.  Being an Irish-themed pub, it attracted a rather enthusiastic crowd of people.  That night was no exception.  Our free entertainment for the evening was provided by a guy who apparently thought he was auditioning for “Riverdance”.  His “dancing” (more like leg-flailing/jogging in place) was encouraged by his friends, who were recording his antics on their phones.  At one point, the guy even used an accessory of sorts by holding a napkin on his head.  Why do I get the feeling he will never live this down?  Folks, if you’re going to dance with a napkin on your head, do it somewhere where you don’t know anyone (like friends with cameras/phones).  Either that, or get new friends.

Last, but not least, I would like to give the “Repeatedly Stupid” award to a gal I saw at a bar recently.  She was on crutches, and her foot was in a plaster cast.  Nowadays, it is pretty rare to see casts, as it seems doctors prefer braces/boots.  A cast indicates a serious surgery, most likely involving bones.  Anyway, I can understand getting stir-crazy while recuperating from surgery and wanting to get out of the house for a bit.  However, being on crutches in a crowded bar is not a good idea.  Further, what did she wear on her good foot (her sole support)?  A flimsy sandal.  Now that is just plain stupid!  People never cease to amaze me.  Looks like money can't buy common sense:


  1. I should have read this before my daughter's wedding. I did dance, though I have no illusions that I looked 'good' dancing... I do hate seeing pictures of myself. (do I REALLY look like that???)

  2. And that is why I rarely dance in public! Because I'm pretty sure to the rest of the world, I resemble Elaine from Seinfeld (although I know for a fact I'm not THAT horrific lol). More often than not I'll shake my ghetto booty at home, alone. Because if the cat wants to keep a roof over her head, she'll ignore me. lol

  3. What is it about Irish bars that bring out the crazy 'enthusiasm' in some people? I've always found that quite funny that everyone becomes Irish step dancers when they hear the music. So glad there were no cell phone cameras when I regularly went to bars, can't imagine what sort of things I would have to live down. At least now I can just deny deny deny.


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