Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - June

Last week, the weather forecast was dismal:  rain, rain and more rain.  I thought I would be clever and take the photos then, while it was dry.  Well, that was a week ago.  What happened a few hours ago?  The sun came out!  So, back outside I went, only to find that many of last week's buds were in bloom or had already come and gone.  

While I was outside, I couldn't help myself and started deadheading some of the Sea Pinks.  From seemingly nowhere, a hummingbird flew right up to me!  It was so close, I could feel the breeze from it's wings.  After a few seconds, it went to feed on some nearby flowers.  Wow.  Just....  wow.  Those tiny birds just fascinate me.

Anyway, here are some things in my yard for June:

Here's a rhododendron.  Rhodies remind me of orchids:

This is actually from a yellow-twig dogwood shrub.  Who would have thought it would have these delicate flowers?

While not a bloom, I like the new growth on the pygmy barberries:

I just love the texture of poppy buds!

I just wish the blooms would last longer:

Also in the short-bloom-time category are these peonies:

Last month's white gypsophilia has been joined by the pink gypsophilia:
BTW, spell-check does not recognize "gypsophilia".  However, it suggested "pedophilia", "necrophilia" and "hemophiliac".  Ewwwww!

The geraniums are here!  The second one is actually purple.  The color doesn't show true on this camera....

New this year, a pink clematis.  The bloom was about done, but I *love* these colors and textures:

You've seen these before:  Sea Pinks and Snow-in-Summer:

One of my favorites, blue Flax:

Here are two clematis that (surprisingly) made it through the winter:

Here are two plants that hummingbirds (and, obviously bees) like:  foxglove and....  snowberry?  It was here when we moved in, so I'm not sure what it is.

Another hummingbird treat, Heuchera:

The climbing hydrangea has gone bonkers this year!

Here's some Blue Star Creeper.  It may look innocent, but can really get out of hand.  It is best to grow in a contained area, and is difficult to eradicate.

This is from a smoke tree.  I never noticed that it has tiny flowers.  Coming soon:  dramatic puffs of "smoke":

Blooming for the first time in my yard:  chives.  I did not notice the bug until I looked at the picture on my computer!

Last, but not least:  Astilbe (which I almost pulled up because I thought it hadn't made it through the winter) and a fern:


  1. I love your garden pctures! Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Very gorgeous. We had tulips for about 10 days, and now they're gone again. Just lilacs now. Everywhere.

  3. Great blooms!! I am green with envy for your Purple Smoke bush/tree. Think they are such fun in the garden.
    A big white Clematis really shines in the landscape doesn't it?

  4. You have the absolute loveliest garden! I think I need to spend more time outside planting stuff...I'll never run out of worthy subjects to shoot with my lens :)


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